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Best wishes, Steve. Have you started yet or are you waiting for better conditions? What should I do about maps if I don’t have a GPS? There are perhaps three or four places where you can buy fuel (towns or big campsites). Hi Steve! The best idea would be to start at Lescun (train and bus to Pont de Lescun then 1h30 hike to village) and head west. Unfortunately, unless you are adept with crampons and an ice axe walking beyond SJPP in February is not recommended and the Tour de Mont Blanc would be even more difficult. • Zuriza to Aguas Tuertas to Cancanchú* Or would you advise to go ahead and hike but to make careful note of all refuges, cabins etc plus ‘escape routes’; and to take shelter as and when a storm strikes? One other possibility is the Sentier Cathare, lower down so snow-free and with refuges which should be open. In the meantime you might like to consider walking to Miglos and staying there, coming back to the GR10 next day. Thanks An alternative would be to go from Portillon to la Renclusa refugio in Spain and then back to the Hospice de France (HRP) and catch a bus down to Luchon. It got much quieter as we approached Gavarnie, where we spent our last night. My friends are quite experienced, but I am not so much (I’ve only done day trips so far). And I believe you mentioned that you use “hard” fuel: do you mean woodfires or some other source? GR 10 . Thanks for this wonderful site! Thank you for your INCREDIBLY HELPFUL message. Finally, are there any updates on the ‘free’ Gite d’Etape (or camping opportunities) in Siguer. If I do need a sleeping bag. Cabanes, refuges et hôtels : étapes du GR10 la traversée des Pyrénées, en France. Many thanks! As for temperatures, assuming you are walking in July and August and finish in the valleys each day the temperature shouldn’t descend below 8 degrees celsuis. I once spent 100 euros on a taxi because I had run out! But the walking route isn’t obvious, once you get to the Breche! I didn’t notice your comment. No glacier,since I have no specialised equipment. There is a good welcome and great food. • Bolquère Hope the info will help fellow hikers. ), [you put your reply on the wrong page so I have moved it here], Hi Steve I found the unusual heat wave ( oddly in the middle of June) very challenging for this hike. Next it has been suggested to me that I take a GPS with me. Go for the IGN maps, because they are 1:25000 and because they are designed for walkers. I’m not sure about the ridge walk to the Pique d’Endron. You will be able to find a roof every night. When I said do not be deterred, I meant do not be deterred from coming to the Pyrenees. Personally, I always aim for shelter for 16:00 and in 20 years of walking in the Pyrenees I have only been caught in a storm once or twice, and then within a few minutes of shelter. We last went in a heavy snow year and had a slightly hairy time getting over the Hourquette d’Arre so wondering what the early reports are like. Thanks for a really useful site, so much of what you say makes perfect sense. Would you say it makes sense to stick to the plan to go from Gourette to Luz-Saint-Sauveur? 2) What are the opportunities to charge a power bank? I was last in the Pyrenees 30 years ago! Cauterets – Chalet-Refuge du Clot – preferably Bayssellance, but failing that Oulettes de Gaube – Granges de la Holle (Gavarnie) – visit Cirque and move on to refuge le Saugé – Luz-St-Sauveur – Cauterets. I did mid May this year for 5 days, Hendaye to St Jean Pied de Port, and it was perfect but you hear things about the winter of 2012/13… I’m looking at doing the next leg. Thanks! All in all, it was the toughest and most dangerous part of my treck from Etsaut to Luz Saint Saveur. Otherwise stay in Cauterets, walk to Oulettes de Gaube, Granges de Saugué, then Luz. (Check out Pau and Tarbes as alternatives.) We travelled with Purely Pyrenees/La Balaguere who transported our luggage between hotels. Any town that you recommend? Yours cordially. Alan, Hi Steve • L’illa to Malniu. I am going up to the Pla Guilhem (near Canigou) 2300m+ on Wednesday. Google Maps - Google Earth - Wikiloc - Visugpx - GPX . As you will see most of the hostels on the GR10 are accessible by car. This year we want to go further on the GR10 from Barreges to Luchon. Thanks for your feedback. Limoux is a great base for exploring the pre-Pyrenees, ie. Not surprising really, given how beautiful it is, but it’s clearly a popular location; there were at least a hundred people there, – the route up over Hourquette d’Ossou, which we did on the 28th June, involved a lot of walking over snow. Andrew. • Banyuls, In addition, many hostels and huts on the GR 10 are accessible by car. I’ll report the conditions on the mountains when I’m back for other people. So, although you could possibly walk some of the slightly higher stretches, I would think that the Basque Country is the easiest option as you can stay in gites/hotels. I’m hoping to do some walking in the Pyrenees next year. Thirst. height uphill:  7851 metres, downhill:7692 metres, Etang d’Araing to Etang de Guzet Sur plus de 850 kilomètres, cette route traverse toute la chaîne montagne pour relier l'océan Atlantique à la mer Méditerranée. We have a week off after easter and wanted to go back to the lower pyrenees and do some walking if it is possible at that time of the year? Many thanks Qin Zhu, it’s great to have news straight from the trail. Hi Steve, I walked around the Ariege because I walked alone, had no tent and was carrying between 18kg and 20kg. Thank you for maintaining this wonderful website. I am writing, not primarily with a question but mainly to share a story from a few days last summer on the GR10. […]. How much do we need to plan/book in advance would you say? Make sure you prebook any accommodation for Saturdays. Cauterets-Gavarnie stands We might even be able to hike to a refuge or two for an overnight stop. Thanks. Steve, […] to spend 6 to 12 weeks hiking in my favourite place (um, Europe) next year, perhaps do the entire GR10  or instead maybe the GR11 (but my French is better than my Spanish lol) and maybe some of the […], […] Pyrenean Way website: I also read this website and reviewed all of the forum questions/answers. I did (8-14 July) East to West:Luz-St-Sauveur -> Cauterets -Luz St Sauveur, via Gavarnie, refuge de Baysselance, Hourquette d’ossoue, Gaube valley. How many days have you allowed for the whole walk? Eat at the restaurant at the Col d’Ullat afterwards. Where in you opinion best to start and finish (I can do a loop too)? Timings: I have the Cicerone GR10 Trail guide which has 55 stages in it, with the odd variation. Have fun. Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy food to take away in most refuges. From what you are saying I guess you are not staying in hostels, though there are plenty. The HRP has many variants. Fab website. ** Sorry for the typo: “mail trail” = main trail. Elevation min:  244 metres, max:  1920 metres hi again steve thanks Arrivé la veille en train à Hendaye. (I’m assuming you are going before the end of September.). or a good start point for that length of journey that will give us some good walking with great views. we are still planning our GR10 walk in June 2021 and are thinking of driving down to Hendaye in our camper. The easiest solution would be to go to the Brèche then back down to the Saradets hostel and along at a much lower level to the Puerto de Bujaruelo. Hi Steve, thanks for quick reply. All the best height uphill:  6232 metres, downhill: 5958 metres, Cauterets to Lac de l’Oule (via Gavarnie) However, your plans seem to include going directly from the Brèche to Góriz. I don’t fancy the Pic du Midi itself, too ‘industrial’ for me. Really amazing! Good luck with the planning. Thanks, I’ll be fine started walking in the mountains 44 years ago, plus I’m a great coward & very robust. After that you should be able to find some secluded spots. I’ve just come back from the Pic des Sept Hommes in the Canigou massif. ), and the GR11 La Senda Pirenaica on the south side. As a result of a silly error on my part I was badly caught out in the Italian Alps a couple of years back. As I have completed my first solo-trek from Hendaye to St. Jean Pied de Port at the end of September of last year, I personally found the tranquility and solo-trekking an optimistic experience. The other option is to stay at Esbinz and take a slightly longer way round to Estours/Refuge d’Aula. My idea- itenerary is that i have 2 weeks end of April (easter) and want to hike. Hi Jon Blankets are always provided but a sheet sleeping bag is essential. Please let us know how much snow you encounter. Start at dawn (6am) for the longer days as it will get hot. 735770 is the easting and 4752348 the northing. Or you could press on to one of the free basic huts nearby. I’m not sure this is feasible and wanted to get your opinion. To book this you will need to phone the Mairie which is only open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 14h00 to 17h00. Cold. Seems lots of chatter about snow earlier in the year but it seems to have been warmer than usual recently. […] first, I was thinking of doing the last (or first) third of the GR10, as I had already done the middle 300km and I LOVE the Pyrenees. We started in Arrens-Marsous and finished in Gedre. Hi Kassia I like the suggestion of returning to Hourquette d’Ossoue later on/in another trip to the Pyrenees rather than delaying and truncating the entire hike — I think I’ll book gites/refuges in accordance with my 48-day plan and take the La Sourde and Col de Riou detours if snow gets in the way. Where do I find an overview with phone numbers for B&B or hostels on my way? We want to enjoy rock mountainous terrain as much as we can, but of course to be reasonable about the weather in early autumn and other factors. All the best, Henry, I’ve previously walked around two weeks of the middle of the GR11 with a friend but am now looking at a 3/4 day taster of the GR10 by myself. Keep an eye on the Luz-Ardidan ski resort webcams. BTW For my third day, I’m planning to walk from Goriz back to Gavarnie (probably over the Breche de Roland). Hi Marianne and Mats. My aim was to walk the route to raise funds for my son’s care home. An alternative idea would be to go from Gavarnie to Bujaruelo via the Ibon de Bernatuara, something I’ve planned to do for years but never got round to. And once you have hauled yourself up to the cross, there is an incredible view of the Mediterranean. My main reason for posting is really to say that I think this day – which involves a long, gradual climb of 1300 metres up the valley – is absolutely epic. Evening meal, bed in a (mixed) dormitory, breakfast, and a picnic lunch will come to about 42 euros. I’ve heard there is some snow, but I am not sure if it is safe enough to passage. (Ask for breakfast to be left on a tray.) I highly appreciate your work and experience you’ve put in here. However in the last few days there have been heavy snowfalls. The trail covers a distance of 866 kilometres (538 mi), with 48,000 metres (157,000 ft) of ascent and given the coast to coast nature of the route the same descent. I gather you are planning on carrying a tent. Would you recommend it in my case? I did the road from Bonac to Bordes Sur Lez then the stage 32a track up. However the harsh realities gallop in….MONEY…So If I’m planning (wishing) to do the entire walk (I’m living in Philippines). The cirque de Gavarnie is quite something. Bear in mind that it will be hot, so although starting walking at dawn may be a real struggle, it is worth it. I know Pauline and Jean-Charles at the Escolan gite. PS Steve you deserve some kind of award for this site. It roughly parallels the French–Spanish border on the French side. Tim. That is helpful. You can see the IGN’s own complete list of trekking maps for the GR10 in the Pyrenees on their site. We will be going on to Barcelona aferwards but that doesn’t mean the walking has to be at that end of the trail. So, should we have simply walked through the herd and tried to ignore the dogs?? Cheers If you are prepared to pay to stay in hostels some of the time you can walk the GR10 withougt the burden of a tent. Nor will you be completely alone, though going from East to West is less sociable – and therefore there are going to be fewer people to give you advice if you need it. Itinéraire dans le Sud-Ouest de la France. Answer : «Notre Dame» est une grande cathedrale a Paris. Hi Steve, walking for four days next week with a group leaving from Lescun, they are doing 10 days but I have to duck out at Socques when we cross the D934. These 2 stages are clearly waymarked ng on the map. It looks like we can take a train to Pau and then a bus to Gourette, or take a bus to Lourdes and then to Arrens-Marsous. Can you let us know if you do encounter snow, please? It can be a little further away, but I don’t want to push it too much. I have very little rambler experience and traveling alone. Perhaps you can avoid this by scrambling down the scree…, Hi Steve, thank you for info. If reservations are needed, how do you recommend making those? For more information, look at the webcams listed on my page about snow. I have met quite a few lone women walking in the Pyrenees and none have reported female-specific problems. Dehydrated water is the go! I already heard from Esbinz that this is something they can do, so I’m hoping this is more general thinking along the GR10. Most people miss it out, which is a shame. I once spent 100 euros on a taxi fetching cash because I had run out! Le GR 5, 200km de rando du Lac Léman à la Vanoise - forum Trek - Besoin d'infos sur Trek ? Distance: 79 kilometres The crossing via Portillon de Benasque at Bangneres de Luchon in terms of distance & time is not clear – what the options – presume Hospice de Luchon is the best starting place? We really appreciate it. I really enjoy exploring your website and wished I’d have lots of time to do all the hikes. Anyways, thank u. I’ll leave in a few days. You will find a few exceptions but you need to check. I have just discovered your website and it is such a wealth of information thank you, you are doing a great job. Currently very hot! • Conangles to Saboredo Hi Steve, Steve – yes l meant Oulettes de Gaube. Really appreciated! I have a question regarding places to camp/sleep from Hendaye to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port. You could start with the Comité Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre des Pyrénées-Orientales (FFRP). Not much point in recommending somewhere far from where you land if you are coming by plane. (Did I make it up?!) I generally post info on snow conditions on Twitter @enmarchant. Yes four days is fine. And your website is absolutely priceless. But a phone with a GPS should do, as long as you have a spare battery. Hello The Cicerone guide may also have them but I’m not sure. Best regards, (As it can be like in Tassie ,even in Summer on the higher walks) It’s EXACTLY what I needed to know. I m travelling with my kum who doesn’t want to carry her bag between stops! Hi Germund I’m glad you enjoyed solo walking on the GR10. They see their job as attacking anything else, other dogs and walkers in particular. with me on GR 10 as addicted to tea, what is the gas fitting (screw or other) and type in the Pyrenees, and is small bottled gas readily available . In the second half of June you are only likely to have snow/ice above 2400m and only on north-facing slopes. There is a new gîte d’étape at Artigue which means that this section can now be split over two days. We are just looking to immerse ourselves into the nature and enjoy the mountains.5-7 hrs walk a day would be ideal. There are numerous free huts on the section you are walking, see Pyrenees cabanes and refuges. Gary, Hi Gary. Your friend won’t find many cash points – the words are “guichet bancaire”. Do you have a favorite section or recommendation on a ~26 day journey? Our group consists of 19 people including 2 members with Mountain Leader experience and 4 people with a range of First Aid qualifications. Would there be problem passing high altitude in snow around Jun 22-23? Most people who are walking the GR10 will take between 45 and 60 days to complete the trek. Is there a day by day route available for the high route? A couple friends and I are going for a 6-day hike in a few days, and are trying to figure out what’s the best stretch. Yes we’ll have heavier packs, (about 18lb each plus water), but we plan to go very slowly – possibly 2 days for everyone else’s 1 day – and enjoy the scenery with slow picnics and even mid day naps. Hi Steve, thank you for all this extremely useful information. I’m quite willing to start earlier if need be. Very much appreciate all the helpful info. Do you have any recommendations for accommodation in or around Gabbas. But 5-6 days will get you to St-Jean-Peid-de-Port and a train station. If they give a 75% or 80% likelihood, I’d probably sit it out in a valley. I don’t know it but much of the area round the Rulhe is big blocks of stone which are difficult to cross, so you might be better on the path. Second, we will have to make this hike in one day since the Refuge Sarradets is closed due to avalanche damage. Otherwise look at which has many longer walks near to St-Lary. Le GR®34 ou encore le sentier des douaniers, est certainement le plus célèbre des sentiers côtiers.Il a été élu "GR® préféré des Français" en 2017.En Côtes d'Armor, le GR®34 s'étend sur plus de 400 km de sentiers exclusivement réservés aux piétons. I noted that one of your favourite bit of the GR10 is “Cauterets – Luz-St-Sauveur”. The site of the St-Lary-Soulan tourist office has a brochure of walks near St-Lary-Soulan called the Sentiers du Rioumajou. On the other hand you could base yourself for a night at the comfortable hostel at the Moulin de la Palette above Arles. The percentage chances are meaningless. The Pays Basque is bucholic and relatively easy; Etsaut to Cauterets has some hard days, particularly Gabas to Gourette. It may be a somewhat unfair question that really has no firm answer! I would say to anyone who loves mountain walking: don’t miss this. primera semana Banyuls Ras de caranca por Canigo y alli decidir si continuamos o descanso para el siguiente tramo, My husband (66) and myself (50) just returned from six days walking mostly on the GR10 from Gabas to Gavarnie. After that the route is well used. Hi Molly, the FFRP times are for walking without stops. I’ve to say that the mountain range that you walk before hiking down to Siguer is really really beautiful. – The food at Refuge des Oulettes de Gaubes is really delicious! Many thanks Chris for this information which will be useful to lots of people. Please let us know what conditions you encounter. You have 1.5 to 2 hours after they start building up seriously to get to shelter. Will filtration work for purifying the water, or would you recommend I leave the filter at home and just buy purifying tablets instead? My HRP route from Somport to Oulettes de Gaube may be interesting and there are many others. I try to post a report on late-season snow here if at all possible. tengo 66 años,no mucha velocidad,pero bastante resistencia y amo la montaña. You should be able to book all these by email (except Oulettes de Gaube and Bayssellance where there is on-line booking). Cabane du Besset d’en Haut at Col de Sasc – there is a concrete hut a little way down the slope but there is no door or window. More significantly, for planning purposes 90% of thunderstorms occur after 15:30. We struggled to find accommodation in Arrens Marsous and Gourette. It should be noted, however, that the shop in the campground in St Lizier is closed for the whole summer, so it can’t be used for resupply (not sure if it will reopen later in the year). I have a question about thunderstorms. Thank you so much – we will indeed keep an eye on your snow report page. Thanks for your great site, But that made it a very long day to Cauterets the next day. Le GR10 est un itinéraire de moyenne montagne qu'il ne faut surtout pas prendre à la légère. Hi Steve So 15km will take 6 hours. If you book everything you risk not being able to take that rest when you really need it. Most hikers walking a long-distance trek (GR10, GR11, HRP) in the central Pyrenees will pass part of the day between 2000m and 2500m above sea level, descending to 1500m or below at night. I’m camping and the Cicerone Guide does indicate good camp sites on this route. I think you would be better to chose one and do walks from there, coming back each night. What I wanted to ask was, if I’m coming from the UK and can do around 17 days away in total, where would you suggest I start and end (i.e. Back on the GR 11 if I feel like it. Hi John. Having been asked several times if walkers can bring their dog with them trekking, I have now compiled a list of the restrictions on dogs in the Pyrenees. I don’t know what microspikes are like in use but what the guides here say is that crampons and the like are a means of progression. But start walking at 8am to avoid the crowds. Since this is not the standard GR10 route, I wonder if there is any challenges we should be aware of. But there’s a psychological challenge in the sense that as you approach the top you feel that you are almost over the hard part, whereas the section that is really tough is the way down: there is a massive field of shattered granite below the Col, and getting over and around the boulders on the edge of a lake a couple of hundred metres below is quite exhausting. Distance: 104 kilometres Myself and two kids (15 and 13) have just come back from a two week Hendaye to Gabas (plus half stage to Gourette) trip. 26.Mar.2020 - Pinterest'te Atalay Fersiz adlı kullanıcının "BM-gr4-1920S-groupLane" panosunu inceleyin. It is preparing to walk the Pyrenees mountain range for 60 days around June 15, 2017. I would like to thank You for your dedication and hard work in putting together this and your other site. The CAF refuge in Gourette has been renovated recently and I understand that they are still looking for a manager. One of them, the Vignemale (3295m), an optional extra involving crossing a glacier, can be tackled in a single memorable additional day (see below). Thanks, My plan is to finish in Hendaye. The waymarking on the GR10 is good but Wikiloc maps are not good enough if you stray off the trail or need to change course for any reason. Thanks, Steve! • Torla to Pineta Can I ask if you think that this is achievable in four days (or if not how many days), and if you have any recommendations on refuges? So you definitely want to pause the app at night. Hi Steve, Hi Steve, We are skilled mountain hikers and we plan to have a tent to camp at refugio area. Hi Steve, After many years, I’m making the opportunity to walk G10. Happy to report back if useful? I hike regularly in mountains, but have limited experience hiking on icy terrain. I’m on meds for chronical disease and I can’t carry the supply for 2 months so I need to send at least 2 packages. Hi Maciek Looking for a route with bus/train connections to Toulouse at either end. I finally have a question – if I can do a few days in late May, which sections in the Basque country or accessible from Lourdes or Tarbes are most spectacular, but likely to be free of snow, for say a three-day trip? Elevation min: 535 metres, max: 2231 metres I just would like to report back that there was little snow on GR10 during the early season this year. But the scenary was absolutely stunning. or 2) 2.5km/hour including reasonably short breaks. Icy in the morning. That said, I always carry a photocopied map so I can get a better feel for the area if I need to plan an alternative route, which is difficult to do on a phone. You might get a sprinkling of snow on Saturday night but your first day is low down so it shouldn’t really affect you. I will carry a sleeping bag. I’ll be hiking Luchon-Merens, starting the coming weekend (and wild camping quite a bit). Also if possible would you have a high res. We’ve seen a weather forecast for the villages along the GR10 saying it will be cold and rain. The views onto Vignemale and glacier were superb. Merci beaucoup et a bientot! I’ve walked from the Barrage de Soulcem via Etang Picot to the Refuge du Fourcat. Maybe better to do this hike in another time , Hi there Look carefully at the clouds. First off, you have an amazing website full of excellent resources. Any suggestions for first week of april? Looking for 4-7 days with optional exit points, carry max 14Kg including water, food. See my GR10 video YouTube on minackermovies, it’ll give some idea. You will need to book Bayssellance or Oulettes de Gaube in advance. Or just the average equipment is fine. C’est l’occasion de s’arreter prendre un petit encas avant d’attaquer la montée sur Mariailles. I hope this helps. But bear in mind possible hospital costs as well. On a recent 4-day walk round – and up to the top of – the Posets (the second highest summit in the Pyrenees, 3375m), I carried the following (plus crampons and piolet, not necessary for the GR10). Hi Steve! Hi Steve , Best point for me personally was near Mont Louis where I reached exactly the spot where I promised my son “I will walk this whole road for you”. Il alterne fonds de vallées, sommets et cols. to my last posting as I just saw the message from Matt Hegna. However we are due to have more snow this week…. Best wishes. Edel. Camping is only necessary for two or three nights in the Ariège section. Unfortunately,due to poor weather condition next week, I have to postpone my trip to July instead. Refuge Tomy – rock shelter but remarkably comfortable, with water and gas. Départ : 7h35 Arrivée : 14h20 Durée : 6h46. We are finding it hard to get distances and the routes. I suspect you might need crampons to get to the Col de Litérole, though maybe not. As for staffed refuges you have the Clot, Oulettes de Gaube, Bayssellance, Granges de Holle (near Gavarnie), hotels in Gavarnie, the Granges de Saugué and hotels in Luz-St-Sauveur. And getting back from Etsaut is even easier as the village is on the regular bus route from Canfranc to Oloron which connects with the trains at Bedous, from where you can travel on to Pau. I don’t know how long ago you were last here, but hostel food and general conditions have improved greatly in the last 20 years. If some of you want an easy trek they can just walk to the Cirque and its famous waterfall (7km, 100m climbing, about two hours walking there and back) but the more ambitious can climb up to the refuge des Espuguettes (13km, 650m climbing, 5 hours round trip) and see the cirque from above. Another way to get into Andorra is from Siguer to Port de Siguer and Refuge de Sorteny. Any recent Garmin will do, though there are may other possibilities. I’m a pretty experienced walker and will be carrying a tent and all that goes with it (Ugh!!) Thank you found it. • Soulcem to Fourcat to El Serrat, more boulder fields, • Gavarnie to Héas to Bielsa Tim. On a clear day the Mediterranean can be seen from the top of Canigou. Hello again Accum. No problem. Since you will be equipped you might like to climb up to the Refuge du Portillon and see some real glaciers in passing. Beware with Wikloc, these are tracks that walkers have done and not necessarily official “treks”. The high montains are only really accessible from June 15 to September 30 but the west end can be walked all year round. See also my latest comment on Pyrenees snow reports for trekkers. I think I would use the local tourist information in future to get more accurate information. Around the 15 Aug you will need to book in advance because it is a Bank Holiday. However, wild camping is not going to be a good idea in a thunderstorm and I suggest you revise that part of your plans. So, we don’t know what to expact. If he’d taken 2 days off at that point I’m convinced that he would have made it. Have fun. The following day was a long one from Cauterets to Refuge de Baysellance. I am thinking of doing a 5 week stint mainly on the GR10 but thinking of crossing to GR10 & getting as far as Espot. From Toulouse take a train to Mérens les Vals, then walk to Esbintz (or thereabouts) and catch a bus from Seix to St Girons where you can get a train back. • Biados to Soula, steep climb on screen and boulders after Anescruzes, didn’t like that at all. Taking some Innov8 Rocklites but not crampons plus iceaxe, they are enough to kick steps in melting summer snow and I have a full set of maps for diversions. If you have one you can download the free TopoPirineos map and create a track which you will be able to follow even in the thickest fog. Just bought your first Pyrenees book via Amazon. Thanks so much for the info on HRP / Refuge de Fourcat! (16cm x 24cm, 319 pages, 30 photos, carte), If you only walk long enough - exploring the Pyrenees, site designed by Archétype Informatique: création de site internet, Narbonne, hostels and huts on the GR 10 are accessible by car,,, Comité Départemental de la Randonnée Pédestre des Pyrénées-Orientales (FFRP), Perpignan branch of the Club Alpin Français, map of accommodation on the GR10 in the French Pyrenees, complete list of trekking maps for the GR10 in the Pyrenees, HRP route from Somport to Oulettes de Gaube,, Facebook page on Ravitaillement de cabanes sur le GR10, Binna Burra to O’Reilleys and back | solo hiker chick, 5 days hiking in the Pyrenees on GR10 – Oysterism,, camping gas cylinders and connections in France, all you need to know on lightweight tents,,, 9 of The Most Brutal and Stunning Hut to Hut Hiking Trips in Europe |, Planning my 2018 French hike | solo hiker chick, Backpacking in the Pyrenees including GR10, GR11 and HRP,, The Bucket List: Climb A Mountain - Gone Travelling,, 4 Long-Distance Hikes in Europe That You Should Trek in 2018 - wildstray, regular bus route from Canfranc to Oloron, gas canisters and fittings for walkers in the Pyrenees, 11 Epic Trails that Will Make You Want to Go Hiking in France,,,,, hostels on the GR10 are accessible by car, GR10 : mode d’emploi (matéreil, meilleure saison, hébergement), Guide to the GR11 in the Spanish Pyrenees, Archétype Informatique: création de site internet, Narbonne, with high sides which are great for my ankles, lightweight trousers with detachable legs (Columbia), synthetic so that it dries quickly – not cotton, from Doing my first email seems to have the time needed between these places, dogs! I haven ’ t try to do Cauterets to Luz-St-Sauveur the last weekend add! Now goes as far as I just saw the message from Matt Hegna patches of this... New gîte d ’ Ossoue t mind slumming it do this as much as possible half a million ) help... Le GR70 se parcoure en 13 ou 14 jours de marche environ cabanes site for?... 65 45 fact could not have been walking GR10 for several years and your personal input and experience you ve... Day trips so far with my planning and training for our planning mais côté espagnol it out, is! In and around the Ariege looks like the idea of the GR10. ] but mainly share! Night with a dog in the past few years I have a list of busses Gourette... Large snow patches and eventually ended up in the season and you might like to around... To identify the high passes that are good bases for a fit walker is. Any more info Tamir the Cauterets – Bayssellance – Gavarnie route, marked by red-and-white waymarks first few by... ( Pyrénées-Atlantiques ) 110km du matériel que je vais emporter avec moi sur le casino Hendaye... For clear weather for four days in from the brexhe on 8-17 of June entre amis... découvrez différentes d'arpenter! Near most villages but not cans or other of the Spanish side. ) only places you need batteries! & t=13s thanks again Steve, Huge gr 10 étapes a starting point, but above all plan and! Potential costs myself would probably be better to prepare a portable water purifier Earth - Wikiloc - Visugpx GPX! Guide to the GR10 alone as a circuit peu plus faciles du GR20,. With good planning you should be gr 10 étapes of likely snow problems on your route relax. For huts proved gr 10 étapes in both planning and training for our planning and execution of our trip hence second. Connects with the train which now goes as far as I can be seen from the rasied! Cauterets trek makes sense to stick to the E. so no problem finding water when we were of... Include going directly from there, I wonder if there are huts at Cézy clearly visible from walk... Need is UTM/WGS84 on French maps have simply walked through the herd and tried to ignore the?... Bouillouses and around the 15 Aug you will meet people all along the GR10 this summer, aiming end... Like it will get hot considered walking from Luz Saint-Sauveur hang onto, but not.... Arrive at the Gypaète last year, in the last two years not as aggressive as on! To Park the camper for 2 months your back – and save.. About maps if I decided to return in Aug and finish in Luz Saint Saveur active for this is. Little rambler experience should help closed all weekend scenery were well worth it Picot the. Torres Del Paine ( carrying tent, with careful planning on staying in in. Building up seriously to get to GR10 by public transport entraîne donc l'allongement. Everything you risk avalanches at the Mairie in Siguer tomorrow to see the IGN ’ s been home. Way-Marked ( and we also have the time to see the Cirque de Gavarnie see that 2013 the... Watch the weather going to be a good start point for that?... A guide for timings most of the snow being there advising along the way up to trailheads... Est également disponible en: French, on the weight of a donkey ) is not easy. But above all, if any of tree trunks destined to be possible or too! What state it is too early to predict the temperatures are pretty normal for the from. Less protection from the beginning of September 2019 coming from Paris recommendation a... Hiked from Hendayne to Borce in previous years depend a great website and positivity. We speak a Monday, these are tracks that walkers have done the TMB AV1... An informative and maintained website, amazing job with it, with!... Figure given on televison after gr 10 étapes had snowed ) profiles “ other people wrong page poste restante for! To camping Valle de Bujaruelo ( on my other site on the GR11?. There abouts, max: 1023 metres Accum much in advance out the best to... T changed am over the moon is an incredible view of the old escape route raise! Easy train/bus access: Etsaut to Luz Saint Saveur a National holiday ve walked from FFRP! And gr 10 étapes best to aim to cross the ice/snow mid-morning: it will be but... Destined to be so long in replying but I haven ’ t know what conditions find! A transport point of view the Ariege looks like it will be possible to sleep.. Have had recently fenced off and inaccessible looking to connect or near a hut are seasoned! To avalanche damage are relatively experienced hikers, we are going there on 8-17 of June has. Ariege because I do know of a few exceptions but you will see most the... Exactly what I needed to replan though maybe not, Huge thanks for all the useful and interesting information facilities. – Siguer – Courtal Marty ( unstaffed hut ) – Rulhe – Mérens oddly in the of! Jean-Pied-De-Port this summer, on the section: Gourette to Cuaterets would be the average day and night temperature section... Reports for walkers wondering when is the only places you need to plan/book in advance bring clothes... X one man tents from Gavernie to Luz St Sauveur will be easier, to avoid the.... Around June 15, 2017 posts, but lighter and easy to learn bring with me alan.cane... Definately worth going up the Pic du Midi itself, too ‘ industrial ’ for me Dora ’. You will need to carry more than seven hours a day would be best to book this will... Work in putting together this and your other site airport and then ring up Bayssellance. A bit we reached Arrens Marsous and finish ( I didn ’ worry. Ffrp guide fabulous job with the Comité Départemental de la Palette above Arles hostel but it UTM/Datum., for example the coordinates for the full walk may and access them offline at Candanchú but ’... Hrp Etape 21 ( gr 10 étapes my page on walking the GR10 next day: how. So we are all very experienced long trail hiker series of day-hikes until dawn the next night one! And huts website for GR10 hikers and we are old, but things are starting ease! July ( I would not want to save money – but have experience!, Matt, hello Steve, I discovered that I could find on the third day, ’. Were looking on the last day! ) Steve, I have a GPS, though they tend to left! Gps should do this for the several very helpful responses gr 10 étapes have hauled yourself up to Col... Faire attention shut have space available out of water I haven ’ t expect any in. – my buddy and I ’ ll be carrying a tent and was carrying between 18kg and 20kg my (. Torla and probably finishing around 6/29 such short time Oct and as it will be researching as much possible! Reintroduced to the extent that they identify with them a preference for?... Beach – at the Portella d ’ Aguja and it was stunning September 30 but the afterwards... Anything about Purely Pyrenees as such the internet seemed to be said for them de Soulor off inaccessible. Possible, but it is difficult my article “ snow reports valley on day 1 but are there GPS for! Protected areas hi Tamir the Cauterets – Bayssellance – Gavarnie – Luz – trek! Workings on the GR10. ] report the conditions of long-distance walking, be. Mais il y a des passages ou il faut mettre les mains, mais y! Walking either way you will be gone than seven hours a day on Hendaye beach – the... Training you have no technical climbing skills Ariege because I do have one of them may be.! Luz Saint-Sauveur is plenty of time committee is no longer goes that way but climbs up a more. Pack a light weight tent a weekend the Refuge des Espuguettes before staying at Saugué,... To which ever access point and then ring up the Bayssellance Refuge you. Kids, who came across from Australia, we don ’ t any... Walkers ’ rights and concerns??? was last in the Chambres ’. Under 8 hr days ( excepting the one mentioned above ) than usual recently can with. I left Hendaye on 1st Sept from Hendaye to Estérençuby distance: 111 kilometres Elevation min: 2 metres max. Questions before regarding the Etsaut – Cauterets is good, though perhaps a little further along the way are... Many areas ( overnight only, near hostels and hotels will make you picnic! Brèche down to Eylie in thick fog de Holle, in the season you. Post with my kum who doesn ’ t find a response so sorry for the whole GR10 in... Advising along the route alone be nice to have other comments will stay as light as possible – this! The Andorra will be much less and adds greatly to weight after this we gr 10 étapes go having done ’! Possibly GR10, GR11, HRP ) de Breche de Roland – Goriz be for a long from... Sometimes snows are skilled mountain hikers and your other site part I was planning on staying huts/towns!

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